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The groundwork of all happiness is good health” ~Leigh Hunt

Personal Training

Work one on one with me and  get a personalized designed program just for you!  If you are looking for weight loss, improving your lifestyle or mobility, or maybe you just need to change things up.  Training one on one gives you the confidence to push yourself while working under the careful eye of your trainer. Book your free consultation!  Lean more by clicking on the above image!

28 Day Challenge Turn Around

This on-line program is ideal for the busy professional who needs the convenience and accountability of getting the workout done anywhere at anytime.  Not only will you receive workouts tailored for your level, but 28 days of healthy habits, recipes, motivation and stress management strategies that will get you on the right track!  You will be setting the ground work towards a healthy lifestyle you can maintain and progresses week to week. Learn more by clicking on the above image!

3 Months To Great Health

If you need more support implementing a healthy and active lifestyle, this on-line program is for you! Highly recommended for women who want one-on-one coaching.  If you have any physical injuries or limitations that need very specific exercise prescriptions.  The Three Months To Great Health gives you more time to take control of your life and practice healthy habits to last a lifetime.  You will see serious results and learn strategies and habits to work on as well as effective workouts to keep the weight coming off, develop lean muscle and get into great shape!  Workouts sessions  can be done on Skype.  Lean more by clicking on the above image!

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I have been working out weekly with Molly for the last 3 years. Our sessions are not just a physical workout, but a weekly commitment to my overall health and sanity.  As a working mom with small kids I enjoy having a scheduled time every week when I can take care of myself. Workouts vary between strength training, core, endurance and flexibility; every session is different and I never get bored. There is always a new challenge, physical or mental. She is a pleasure to work with and always positive. Molly’s influence has spread way beyond the weekly workouts. She has helped me set and prioritize my health goals, incorporate physical activity into my everyday life, improve my nutrition and even focus on my sleeping habits. Molly is an experienced trainer and wonderful individual.

Carolina Typaldos

Hi fellow fitness seekers.  I am Carol Collins and am excited to share my story with you.  In February, I received a phone call from my doctor’s office.  My labs were back and concerning for pre-diabetes.  Although I felt healthy, I was about 20lbs overweight and losing ground.  I had common stressors including work, caring for my mom, and undergoing home repairs so my diet and exercise were neglected.  I approached Molly and she has gotten my health back on track.  Because of my rotating work schedule, she suggested an online approach which meant I could schedule my workouts at home around my work schedule.  She provided new workouts once a week and provided food diary review with new nutrition and recipe tips.  One of the biggest habits she got me into is drinking 64oz of water a day.  I continued her monthly program and weekly skype or email contact for two months.  I am 18lbs lighter, lost 4inches around the abdomen and my labs are back to normal.  I have a “new norm” with nutrition.  I enjoy the green smoothies, quinoa and fresh, unprocessed food. I have not missed the sugar, salt and high fat choices.  My mom and I enjoy the fish, chicken, turkey dinners and using zucchini to make spaghetti.  I use almond milk instead of skim milk.  Water has helped me feel full and stemmed my old cravings.  With the workouts, I have improved my strength and balance.  I truly look forward to continuing this lifestyle as my “new norm” with a healthier body and renewed strength and energy.  Thanks Molly!

Carol Collins