Do these exercises at your desk!

If you work at a computer all day long, you are at major risk for back pain, joint pain and all around body stiffness.  Avoid these problems by setting a timer hourly and getting up from your desk and going for a walk and or doing these exercises.  It’s a small thing to do that pays big dividends on your health and your posture will thank you!



10 Tips for getting 10,000 step in a day!


We all know we need to be moving more.  Even if we manage to get an hour of exercise in a day, the rest of the day we are most likely sitting, which still poses a health risk.   Using a pedometer is a fun and easy way to track how many steps you’re actually getting in a given day.  The Mayo Clinic recommends that people using pedometers first set short-term goals, such as taking an extra 1,000 steps daily for one week, and then build up to a long-term goal such as 10,000 steps. Riding a bike can count as steps if you wear the pedometer on your shoe.  Keep your feet moving and you’ll be moving towards the goal of 10,000 steps before you know it.  Here are some tips to help you get your steps in every day.

Set a timer and walk for 5 minutes every hour.

Try and beat your record for how many steps you take in an hour.

If you have a dog, walk your dog twice a day, 2.5 miles in the morning and 2.5 miles after work.

Wear a fitness tracker that keeps reminding you throughout the day to move more. It will prompt you to take longer routes and take the stairs.

Organize a walking group at work during lunch or with friends before or after work.

Be more inefficient with chores at home or work.  Take the laundry up and down the stairs in 3 trip rather than one.

Walk in place while watching TV

Take business meetings outside and walk.

Move with your kids at the playground or in the back yard.

Listen to podcast or books on tape while walking.

Try some of these and see how fast you get to 10,000 step a day and maybe even surpass that!  Your health will thank you for it and see if you don’t gain some energy and lose some weight!

What creative ways do you get more steps in during the day?

Three Metabolic Boosters You Can Easily Include In Your Day!

healthy choices

We are always looking for more strategies to keep our metabolism running on high rpm, so we can stay fit and trim.  As we age this becomes more challenging for many reasons.  Our busy lifestyles take a toll on our bodies. Take stress for example, we all experience it and it can cause hormone imbalances. We start to lose muscle as we age, and we don’t get as much activity as we did when we were younger. Our jobs require us to sit at computers or commute distances which adds to more sitting.  Then there is the issue of adequate sleep which often times leaves us short changed leading to more hormone imbalances.  There is a lot working against us so it’s no wonder staying fit and trim is a challenge as we age.

Luckily there are things we can incorporate into our daily lives to fight back.

Exercise, more specifically, strength and interval training are the very best way to increase metabolism by increasing muscle mass, but they are not the entire picture.

A healthy lifestyle is made up of many healthy habits.  Today I want to leave you with three super easy tips to include in your daily habits.

1. Start cooking with peppers. If you’re not cooking with peppers, try experimenting with cayenne pepper, wasabi, Indian and curry foods which are known to help increase your metabolism by heating up your body and increasing your heart rate so you burn a bit more calories.  Plus they add depth and flavor to your dishes!  Try adding these to soups, stews and marinades.

2. Drink tea daily. Teas in general but mostly green tea are loaded with potent chemicals called catechins which have been shown to boost metabolism. Over time these can make a difference, so drink up.  This is also good cold on ice, so fill up your water bottle!

3. Water is another great way to boost your metabolism. A German study found that when measuring metabolic rate after drinking 17oz. of water, there was an increase by 30% in MR for about 30-40 min max. By increasing your intake by 1.5 liters of water a day, at the end of a year you could potentially lose 5 lbs.  Lots of people tell me its hard for them to drink water all day.  My best tip for this is to add a splash of cranberry juice to your water or whatever juice you prefer.  It adds flavor and makes it less boring!  This makes such a difference, it’s worth the effort to make this a habit.  Don’t give up!

I hope you try these easy tips and help boost your metabolism.  If you have a tip that is working for you, I would love to hear from you! Please comment here or on my FB page. Keep on moving!

Is your purse causing you pain?

As a trainer, I see so many people who have neck and back issues and too many times they are walking around with heavy handbags hanging off their shoulder messing up their gate and posture.  The muscles compensate for the uneven load by putting pressure on the vertebrae, causing muscle tightness and possibly nerve damage.  This can cause serious neck and back pain as well as chronic headaches.  In the video below Chiropractic Care offers some great tips to use and save your self from this  chronic condition.


Do you carry a heavy bag on your shoulder?  What solutions will you take away from this video and start doing today?

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3 Habits To Starting or Improving A Healthy Lifestyle!


Do ever find yourself with the best intentions to eat right and exercise only to find yourself falling short of actually DOING it?  Why is it so hard to stay the course every time temptation jumps in front of you?  (That cake someone brought into the office.) You’re committed to going to that fitness class or a run or walk after work but that comfy couch gets the best of you first.  Tomorrow will be different.  Sound familiar?  Well today I want to give you a few easy strategies that can help and anyone can do this.

According to the American Heart Association, if you implement these 3 habits successfully and more importantly consistently, you could potentially add 7 years to your life.  I may add that even more importantly, theses habits will significantly add to the quality of your life which in the end is what most people desire.

Habit # 1- Make SMART Goals and keep them super simple.  SMART stands for simple, measurable, attainable, and realistic.  You want to keep it simple so you know you can accomplish them.  I also recommend starting with one goal at a time and building from there.  For example if your goal is to incorporate exercise into your life, make a specific goals such as, walking 10 minutes every day.  Anyone can walk for 10 minutes everyday so it’s easy to be successful with that goal.  If you say I’m going to start exercising for an hour a day before it’s a solid habit, you are very likely to fall short and forget it all together. Once it becomes your “new normal”, build on it from there.  Lets say you want to improve your diet.  A specific easy goal would be to start off with adding 1 cup of veggies to your meals.  You get the idea, specific, attainable and realistic.

Habit #2.  Track Your Progress–  If you aren’t tracking your progress, how will you know how you’re doing?  Tracking progress is easy and works well at keeping you motivated.  A great way to do this is write down what you are doing.  If you are walking 10 minutes a day, mark it in your calendar.  If you are adding veggies to each meal, write it down so you can look at it later and see how far you’ve come.   In just a few quick weeks, you’ll notice changes in how you’re feeling and looking. Signs of progress can be improvements in your sleep, energy, cravings, and composition.

Habit # 3.  GET SUPPORT– Recruit a friend or co-worker to join you.  Sign up for a class or hire a coach if you need to.  Studies show that when you have support to keep you accountable and motivated, you are exponentially more likely to be successful.

All this leads to consistency which is the key to making this work. You are faced with a choice, stay where you are or make a change for the better.  You are wroth very bit of effort and if you keep with these 3 habits, you can’t fail.  You only have one chance at this life so live it to its fullest and be healthy and happy!

Now, I want to hear from you!  What are your goals and when are you going to get started?

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Exercises You Should Be Doing For Your Feet Now!

Our feet work hard day in and day out for us, and generally speaking, they get no respect!  It’s time to change that and give them some TLC.  The feet are the base of a strong kinetic chain so it’s nothing you want to blow off.  You can improve your balance, mobility, decrease chance of back pain and injury in general by spending a few minutes a day tending to theses most valuable servants.  Check out the video below for a quick barefoot workout and a wonderful foot massage I learned way back in the day from a yogi.  This will make your feet feel wonderful!

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Drink this to improve cognitive function!

Yes!  Now there is even more reason to include cocoa in your daily diet!  A recent study from The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, states that cocoa flavanol consumption shows improvements in cognitive function in older adults.  That would be the definition of a super food!  Not only that, but this powerful concentrated powder improves blood pressure and increases sensitivity to insulin.  What this translates to, is slowing down the aging process and improvements in memory.  Sign me up!   So all you have to do is consume 2 teaspoons a day of this stuff.  Try adding it to smoothies, coffee drinks or mixing it with almond milk.  Recipe below-

Check out the link below for the full study from “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”.








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Genius way to prepare Spaghetti Squash

Have you ever tried to cook spaghetti squash in the micro or stove top?  It’s not that friendly.  Thank you to @Christine Byrne at BuzzFeed for posting this easy method.  I have not tried this yet, but will definitely give it a go this weekend.  This stuff makes the perfect substitution for pasta and delivers on flavor as well as comfort!

To get long strands of spaghetti squash that are delicious and not mushy, cut the squash into rings and roast it in a 400°F for 40 minutes.

What do you think?  Have you tried this or do you prefer another way to cook spaghetti squash?  Check out the entire article and recipe here>  ;javascript:;

Hydrate to LOSE weight! Burn Fat and Gain Energy!

If water bottleyou are struggling to lose weight you definitely need to pay attention to how much water you are drinking.  Even the slightest dehydration will slow weight loss down considerably.  Believe it or not the body is composed mostly of water and it’s the most critical nutrient for health.  Here’s a fun fact for ya, just a 2% drop in hydration can slow down how your body functions, both in energy and cognitive thinking.  Dehydration can cause cramping in muscles, slow down endurance and decrease strength, even effect your blood pressure.

Studies have shown that dehydration causes your body to hold on to and increase fat deposits, while an increase in water will actually decrease fat deposits.  This has to do with how your kidneys and liver perform when properly hydrated or dehydrated.

Here is an easy hack that really helped me out, and as a result I am losing fat and feeling more energetic.  Take a 32 oz. bottle and a sharpie marker.  On one side of the bottle from the bottom to the top, mark 8 am, 9am, 10, 11 and 12 and on the other side mark 1 pm, 2pm, 3, 4, 5.  This way you can see and measure very easily how much water you’ve had throughout the day.  Fill up this water bottle twice a day and you’re good to go.  If you happen to be adding in hard workouts however, make sure to add 4 – 8 oz. for every 15 minutes of vigorous exercise.

For more information check out this video in the link below and hear what Dr. Ann has to say about it!

Drinking water and weight loss


Did you find this helpful?  Share your best ways to stay hydrated all day!








Portion Control For Weight Loss – It’s all in your hand!

Knowing how many calories your body needs is good information if you are trying to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight.  Here is a simple guide to keep you on track at home, eating out, traveling, or even in the most spontaneous situations.  You wont need any scales, measuring cups or less than accurate apps.  Just look at your hand!  Check out this easy diagram below by Precision Nutrition for Women.  Guys need to use two hands for a personalized calorie count.

I work well with visuals and this actually comes in dead on to what I know I should be eating.  If anything, I may go over with the veggies, but no one ever gained too much weight from eating too many veggies.  At PN, they say that your hand size pretty much correlates to you body’s needs including bone and muscle.  I eat this way 4 times a day on average depending on my activity.

For more customization in your diet, PN classifies body types into three different categories.  For more on this go here: How to Fix a Broken Diet –

To read the entire article, see the link below.

calorie hand for women

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